[Watermelon Edition 🍉] Lewis C. Lin's New Book: The Marketing Interview / by Lewis Lin

I'm excited to announce a new book, The Marketing Interview. It's the brand new, retitled second edition of Rise Above the Noise, the world's #1 marketing interview prep book.

Updated for the digital age, The Marketing Interview includes two new chapters on digital marketing and marketing analytics questions. Here are the new questions covered in the new release:

Chapter 12 Marketing Analytics Questions

  • Let's say you run a display advertising campaign for an eCommerce website. What metrics would you track?
  • What metrics would you consider to understand your company's relationship with your target customers?
  • Which profitability metrics are most important?
  • You're evaluating a potential promotion, a $10 off coupon. What metrics would you track?

Chapter 15 Digital Marketing Questions

  • The number of shopping cart conversions has decreased seven percent week-over-week. What would you check?
  • Your boss wants you to A/B test your eCommerce site's product details page. What would you do?
  • Let's say you manage the website of an enterprise-focused company. Walk me through how you'd do lead scoring.

Finally, here's what one Amazon reviewer said about the new book:

After reading The Marketing Interview, I felt like I had been to several marketing interviews. The information in the beginning of each chapter is detailed but not overly complicated. The practice questions at the end let you put your new knowledge to the test. The examples also solidify the concepts of the chapter. Seeing how the information is translated into real-life business situations deepens your understanding. In addition to the answers, there are critiques of the answers. This gets you inside the interviewer's head, which does a great job at preparing readers to give the types of answers interviewers are looking for. It is clear that Lin has interviewed many, many people, and I found his insight very valuable. He knows what interviewers are looking for and relays that to the reader.

Have a great summer and wishing all of you the best with your career,

Lewis C. Lin 🦊

P.S. The sales results for May are in. Once again, The Product Manager Interview (TPMI) beat out Decode and Conquer as the top selling PM Interview book. If you're a PM and haven't checked out TPMI, you are missing out!

P.P.S. The Marketing Interview is available in an eBook edition too.