Have an upcoming product manager interview? Perhaps for Google, Facebook, Amazon, or Uber? 

If so, find out the secret to getting multiple job offers with the world's #1 author on product management interviews: Lewis C. Lin.

Secrets of the Product Manager Interview answers all the questions from the author's readers, coaching clients, and workshop attendees from the last 10 years. In this book, the author extracts the essence and reveals those secrets with you.

Here's what the author divulges in this book

▪ What to expect at Google, Facebook, Uber & Amazon interviews
▪ How to get your first product manager job
▪ The most efficient way to prepare
▪ What are the biggest interview mistakes and how to avoid them
▪ How to really impress the interviewers
▪ A Google insider's take on how to interpret interviewer feedback
▪ Which companies are the best for product managers who want to make it to the top
▪ The latest advice on how to deal with the dreaded take-home assignments


Lewis C. Lin, a former Google and Microsoft executive, has trained thousands of candidates to get ready for tech interviews, using his proven interview techniques. Lewis' students have received offers from the most coveted firms including Google, Facebook, Uber, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Dell and HP.

Lewis has a bachelor's in computer science from Stanford University and an MBA from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management.

He's the author of several bestsellers including Interview MathRise Above the Noise as well as Decode and Conquer.


Lewis, I am a current second year student at [top-tier business school]. If you remember, we had met during your session here last month, and I had mentioned how I had found your workshop and book useful for securing the internship at Amazon and was about to interview with Google. I have gone through the recruiting process with Google as well, and have an offer from them as well now for a full time role. Thanks again for all the help through the process through your material! – B.E.

Thank you so much for your Facebook PM coaching help. I made it. – P.T.  

I am happy to report that I have received a job offer from Amazon. Your coaching program for Amazon has definitely benefited me! – M.B.