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What is the product management (PM) Skills assessment?

The PM Skills Assessment is a 360 degree performance feedback process. The PM skills assessment is ideal for leaders who want to:

  • Identify skill gaps on the team

  • Find opportunities for skill improvement

  • Evaluate talent more effectively

  • Develop tailored training programs

How does it work?

There are couple parts to the PM skills assessment:

  1. Choose the skills. We will assess the six ESTEEM™ competencies by default. Clients are welcome to include additional competencies.

  2. Send surveys. Before we send surveys, identify who will be assessing each individual. It can be peers, managers, executives or even the individual themselves for a self-assessment.

  3. Process surveys. We use our analytics engine to process the surveys, revealing meaningful insights and showcasing powerful visualizations.

  4. Results presentation. Led by the author, Lewis C. Lin will review the results with participants, providing recommendations on how to apply the insights to their careers, including helpful training resources to strengthen and further their careers.

Skill Assessment based on ESTEEM™

The assessment is based on the world famous ESTEEM Method™ from best-selling author Lewis C. Lin. ESTEEM™ stands for:


Top PMs get things done. Those PMs seemingly do 5 to 10X more than others.

Superior communication skills

The best tell stories with intelligence, filled with facts, numbers or logic. Other times they tell stories with charm, developing chemistry and rapport. The very best can tell stories with heart, tugging on emotions and revealing authenticity.

Tactical awareness

Tactical awareness is about being aware of others, the situation, and oneself. And making good decisions based on that awareness.

Tactical awareness is what many call the “sixth sense.” That is, as you get closer to the top, it’s no longer enough to work extra hours. Almost everyone does that. It’s more about “working smarter” which is tactical awareness.

Extraordinary mental toughness

Many can execute, but few can lead groundbreaking change. Seismic change happens only when PMs stomach daunting circumstances and grinds through long hours.

Those with extraordinary mental toughness are the ones building billion-dollar businesses, inventing self-driving cars, or challenging long-held regulations.

Great products are great because they’re hard to build. Many PMs don’t want to do hard things.

Exceptional team builder

Usually starting at the VP level, exceptional team builders call upon a deep network to fill openings. They can and love to teach others how to do their jobs well, and they expect their direct reports to do the same.

Moonshot vision

A rarity, but the best have moonshot vision. A moonshot vision is a bold product vision that feels like John F. Kennedy’s 1961 proclamation to land the first humans on the moon. The best moonshot visions:

  1. Propose an idea that is unique, audacious, and extraordinary.

  2. Describe why the vision will meet a large, profitable need.

  3. Persuade, even skeptics, why the vision is feasible and, if necessary, the specific steps to build it now.


why do i need an assessment?

  1. Develop training programs to increase PM effectiveness.

  2. Evaluate talent in a quantitative, clear manner. Feedback like “a nice person” or “takes some getting used to” is too vague to be effective. Our assessment helps organizations be more precise about evaluating talent, leading to more effective development conversations.

  3. Evaluate team gaps. Quantitatively understand your team’s strengths and weaknesses. Use that information for targeted training or hire new talent to diversify your team.