The Product Manager Interview contains a whopping 167 actual questions and answers that you can practice for your upcoming product management interviews. It includes actual questions from top tech companies including:

  • Google

  • Facebook

  • Amazon

  • Uber

  • Dropbox

  • Microsoft

The book contains fully solved sample answers so readers can learn and improve.

Here are some questions covered in the book:

Product Design

How would you design an ATM for elderly people?

  • Should Google build a Comcast-like TV cable service?

  • Instagram currently supports 3 to 15 second videos. We're considering supporting videos of unlimited length. How would you modify the UX to accommodate this?


  • How would you go about pricing UberX or any other new Uber product?

  • Let's say Google created a teleporting device: which market segments would you go after? How would you price it?


  • You are the Amazon Web Services PM in Sydney. What are the top three metrics you’d look at?

  • Facebook users have declined 20 percent week over week. Diagnose the problem. How would you fix the issue?