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πŸ“– [Now Available] Lewis C. Lin's New Book, Be the Greatest Product Manager Ever πŸŽ‰ by Lewis Lin

My new book, Be the Greatest Product Manager Ever, is now available! I've been working on this book for the past three years, so I'm happy to now share the book and my new ESTEEM METHODβ„’ framework with you.

If you're a new product manager, don't miss out on Chapter 3: Execution. You'll want to digest every single section including:

  • How to Start Every New Job

  • How to Figure Out What to Do

  • How System 1 & 2 Affects Your Work

Also, flip through Chapter 4: Superior Communication Skills. Standout PMs have superior communication skills; it's a competency you'll want to start early.

If you're an experienced product manager, flip through Chapter 3: Execution, but devour Chapter 4: Superior Communication Skills. Experienced product managers are more likely to get their first management role if they're strong communicators. Learn essential communication frameworks such as Situation-Complication-Resolution, Rule of Three, and the 5Ws and the H.

Then look ahead to Chapter 5: Tactical Awareness for a hint of what you need to perform to reach the Director level.

If you're a group product manager, review Chapter 4: Superior Communication Skills, but focus on Chapter 5: Tactical Awareness. Tactical awareness is all about the small difference that explain peak performance. When people say, "work smarter, not harder," what they mean is tactical awareness. Chapter 5 is where I share 32 little-known, yet magical tactics. These are the tricks that PM legends do, but others do not.

If you're a product management director, quickly read Chapter 5: Tactical Awareness, but focus on Chapter 6: Extraordinary Mental Toughness. The best directors can lead org-wide change, but doing so requires exceptional mental toughness. Learn my tips on how to persist when others perish.

If you're a VP of product management, skim through Chapter 5: Tactical Awareness and Chapter 6: Extraordinary Mental Toughness. But focus on Chapter 7: Exceptional Team Builder. As a senior executive, the CEO will expect you to build and nurture teams, especially ones that are depleted or suffering from poor morale.

If you're a CEO, skim through the chapters on tactical awareness, mental toughness, and team building. But focus on Chapter 8: Moonshot Vision. Your board of directors will want your inner Steve Jobs to build the next iPhone. It's easier said than done. I share my tips that will increase your chances of doing so.

Want to take a peek? Here's one of the most favorited passages in the book, from the Tactical Awareness section: The One Question You Need to Ask.

Lewis C. Lin

PS Big thank you to all the incredible people who reviewed my book including Aqil Pasha, Arvin Dwarka, Bessie Chu, Bonny Lai, Declan Nishiyama, Eran Lewis, Jacky Liang, Kathy Paceley, and Maitrayee Goswami. I couldn't have done it without you.

PPS Yes, the book is available in eBook (PDF) format.