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📖 [Now Available] Lewis C. Lin's New Book, Be the Greatest Product Manager Ever 🎉 by Lewis Lin

My new book, Be the Greatest Product Manager Ever, is now available! I've been working on this book for the past three years, so I'm happy to now share the book and my new ESTEEM METHOD™ framework with you.

If you're a new product manager, don't miss out on Chapter 3: Execution. You'll want to digest every single section including:

  • How to Start Every New Job

  • How to Figure Out What to Do

  • How System 1 & 2 Affects Your Work

Also, flip through Chapter 4: Superior Communication Skills. Standout PMs have superior communication skills; it's a competency you'll want to start early.

If you're an experienced product manager, flip through Chapter 3: Execution, but devour Chapter 4: Superior Communication Skills. Experienced product managers are more likely to get their first management role if they're strong communicators. Learn essential communication frameworks such as Situation-Complication-Resolution, Rule of Three, and the 5Ws and the H.

Then look ahead to Chapter 5: Tactical Awareness for a hint of what you need to perform to reach the Director level.

If you're a group product manager, review Chapter 4: Superior Communication Skills, but focus on Chapter 5: Tactical Awareness. Tactical awareness is all about the small difference that explain peak performance. When people say, "work smarter, not harder," what they mean is tactical awareness. Chapter 5 is where I share 32 little-known, yet magical tactics. These are the tricks that PM legends do, but others do not.

If you're a product management director, quickly read Chapter 5: Tactical Awareness, but focus on Chapter 6: Extraordinary Mental Toughness. The best directors can lead org-wide change, but doing so requires exceptional mental toughness. Learn my tips on how to persist when others perish.

If you're a VP of product management, skim through Chapter 5: Tactical Awareness and Chapter 6: Extraordinary Mental Toughness. But focus on Chapter 7: Exceptional Team Builder. As a senior executive, the CEO will expect you to build and nurture teams, especially ones that are depleted or suffering from poor morale.

If you're a CEO, skim through the chapters on tactical awareness, mental toughness, and team building. But focus on Chapter 8: Moonshot Vision. Your board of directors will want your inner Steve Jobs to build the next iPhone. It's easier said than done. I share my tips that will increase your chances of doing so.

Want to take a peek? Here's one of the most favorited passages in the book, from the Tactical Awareness section: The One Question You Need to Ask.

Lewis C. Lin

PS Big thank you to all the incredible people who reviewed my book including Aqil Pasha, Arvin Dwarka, Bessie Chu, Bonny Lai, Declan Nishiyama, Eran Lewis, Jacky Liang, Kathy Paceley, and Maitrayee Goswami. I couldn't have done it without you.

PPS Yes, the book is available in eBook (PDF) format.

Lewis C. Lin's Newest Book for 2017 – Secrets of the Product Manager Interview by Lewis Lin

I am excited to announce my newest book, Secrets of the Product Manager Interview.

Here's what's new:

I've collected over 10 years of questions from my readers, coaching clients, and workshop attendees. I've answered them and extracted the essence. Now, I'm revealing those secrets with you.

Here's what I divulge in the new book:

▪ What to expect at Google, Facebook, Uber & Amazon interviews
▪ How to get your first product manager job
▪ The most efficient way to prepare
▪ What are the biggest interview mistakes and how to avoid them
▪ How to really impress the interviewers
▪ A Google insider's take on how to interpret interviewer feedback
▪ Which companies are the best for product managers who want to make it to the top
▪ The latest advice on how to deal with the dreaded take-home assignments

This book is different from my other Amazon.com bestsellers, Decode and Conquer and PM Interview Questions. On the one hand, those books are focused on frameworks and practice questions. On the other hand, this new book, Secrets of the Product Manager Interview, is focused on my secrets, answers, and everything you need to know about the product manager interview process.

And yes, this book is available in paperback and Kindle.

Good luck with those interviews,

Lewis C. Lin

P.S. I'll be completing my last workshop for the 2016-2017 season on March 25th at the University of Texas! If you're attending, please introduce yourself and say hello!

P.P.S. For those that I met in 2016-2017 at my half and full-day workshops, the honor was mine. Here are my favorite attendee quotes:

Stanford University

"Lewis, your interview workshop was a tremendous learning experience! I sense your passion for product management and your desire to help students like me prepare for PM interviews! I wish I had your workshop before my Google and Facebook PM interviews last year."

Columbia University

"I loved the interactive exercises. It was fun, and I learned. I only wish our regular professors would teach course material Lewis Lin's way."

University of Chicago

"Content-wise, the workshop yesterday was super helpful. Lewis Lin's presentation & training is very professional."

University of Washington

"I learned a lot from Lewis Lin's interview workshop. The best part of the talk, other than the tools and tactics, was the engagement model. You gave us an opportunity to not only exercise our brain muscles but also work in teams. It was a great learning experience."

University of Utah

"I cannot thank you enough for making the trip out to Salt Lake City. You completely blew it out of the water today, and I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from you. The students got a lot out of the session, and they will surely be more prepared for interviews. You were incredibly inspiring and have a true gift presenting to groups."

University of California, Berkeley

"Having Lewis Lin lead a product management interview workshop is the most relevant and useful PM career prep I've received during my time at Haas."

University of California, Irvine

"It was a pleasure attending your workshop. I admire that your mother had the opportunity to attend. I can imagine how proud she must be seeing the great work you are doing to help others succeed in their career."

"Today's workshop was amazing! The best part is to attend the author's workshop and to meet him in person. It makes my future preparation and reading more interesting. I now have a clearer picture, visualizing concepts described in the book and better connecting the dots better!"

Tech Interview Workshop at UC Irvine. Nov. 5, 2016.

Tech Interview Workshop at UC Irvine. Nov. 5, 2016.

Case Interview Questions for Tech Companies: Announcing a New Release from Lewis C. Lin by Lewis Lin

Thank you for making my recent book, PM Interview Questions, the #1 new release in Amazon's job interviewing category.

It's an honor to be considered in the same breath as Martin Yate's legendary job hunting book Knock 'em Dead 2017.


NEWS FLASH: I just published a NEW book.

It's called Case Interview Questions for Tech Companies.

I'm ready to tell you about it. Scroll down!


Why did you release this new book? 
Over the last couple of years, I visited US business schools, teaching interview skills to students who wanted to switch careers into the tech industry.

Students asked, How do I prepare for: 
* Marketing management interviews at Dell? 
* Supply chain interviews at Apple? 
* Vendor management interviews at Amazon? 
* Corporate strategy interviews at Microsoft? 
* Partner and business development interviews at Google?

Together, we uncovered a gap in preparing candidates for those types of roles. And like PM interviews, all of these roles have tough case interview questions, just in a different domain.

So in response, Case Interview Questions for Tech is that case interview prep book tech industry candidates have been waiting for.

What are case questions? 
Case questions are interview questions based on hypothetical business scenarios. Here are case question examples, which are featured in the new book (along with sample answers):

* Create a marketing campaign for Microsoft Office 365. 
* Write a media statement to respond to Uber mischaracterizations voiced in a taxi leader’s newspaper op-ed.

* What’s the bottleneck for an Amazon Robot Picker? And what is the capacity of the assembly line, in units per hour? 
* Amazon ships 200 orders per second. Amazon’s data science team discovered that the average number of orders waiting to be shipped was 20,650. How long did the average Amazon order wait to be shipped?

* What should Apple consider before implementing a shop-in-shop store inside Best Buy? 
* If you projected a $500M expense and the variance came in at $1M, what are some of the explanations for why that is happening? Be prepared to give more than three scenarios.

Business Development 
* A car dealer partner wants to stop doing business with Uber. What should you do? 
* How would you identify university faculty to source content for an online university?

* If you could open a Google retail store anywhere, where would it be and why?
* Give your analysis of several recent acquisitions that Google has made.

* What top metrics would you track for the Tinder online dating app? 
* If 1,000 people opened the Uber app during one hour, how many cars do you need?

What's in the book? And how is it different from PM Interview Questions? 
Case Interview Questions for Tech provides 155 practice questions and answers to help you conquer case questions at tech industry interviews.

Think of Case Interview Questions for Tech as broadly covering case interview questions for a variety of business-oriented roles in the tech industry, whereasPM Interview Questions focuses only on PM case questions. But we have included a healthy dose of new PM case questions and sample answers in this book too!

Who should get this book? 
This book is particularly ideal for folks who are:

▪ NEW TO TECH...and looking to transition in
▪ IN TECH ALREADY BUT NON-BUSINESS SIDE...and looking to transition to business-side
▪ IN TECH ALREADY AND ON THE BUSINESS-SIDE...and planning to upgrade into a dream job and need to brush up on case interview skills first

Did you write the book in two weeks? 
I wish!

My contributing author, Teng, and I have been working on both books for the last 12 months.

We wanted to launch both books at the same time, but many of you told us, "Don't stall. We need the books ASAP for our interviews."

So we've released the books as soon as we could.

Is it available in digital format? 
It is available in PDF format. This is perfect for folks who can't wait for Amazon to deliver it or if Amazon won't ship the book to their home country.

Are you planning to launch a third book in 2016? 
No. I've got Halloween plans to think about. 🎃

Enjoy the new book and best of luck with the fall 🍂 recruiting season,

Lewis C. Lin

Lewis C. Lin's New Book Now Available – PM Interview Questions: Over 160 Problems and Solutions for Product Management Interview Questions by Lewis Lin

I'm thrilled to announce that my new book, PM Interview Questions: Over 160 Problems and Solutions for Product Management Interview Questions, is now available on Amazon.

If you're looking for product management (PM) practice questions, this 317 page resource has over 160 PM interview questions with sample answers. It features real questions from the following companies:

▪ Google
▪ Facebook
▪ Amazon
▪ Uber
▪ Dropbox
▪ Microsoft
▪ And More

Many of you have read the PM interview frameworks revealed in Cracking the PM Interview as well as Decode and Conquer, including the CIRCLES™, AARM™ and DIGS™ Methods. PM Interview Questions is the perfect complement to both books. With this new book, you'll see what the best PM interview responses look and feel like.

Here's what early readers have said:

What an excellent resource! I've already attempted the questions.

Thanks to this book, I snagged an Amazon Technical Product Manager role at Amazon. You have no idea how grateful I am!

Thanks to all of you for your support. One last thing, before you go, check out one of the most anticipated sections from the new book: the 30-day Google PM interview study guide.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and crush those interviews,

Lewis C. Lin