Career Planning: 2017's Best Guide / by Lewis Lin


Happy New Year! Getting a new job is one of the most popular New Year's resolutions for 2017.

To help you get the career you want, I've got a great list of resources to supercharge your career including:

▪ Resume 
▪ Cover letter 
▪ Career plan 
▪ Interview skills 
▪ Networking abilities
▪ Negotiation prowess

Let's fulfill your career dreams in 2017!


Lewis C. Lin

Don't know what to do with your career?

Then build a career plan.

To-do List

▪ Fill out this career plan template

Don't know which companies to target?

Then hitch your career to a company with plenty of growth.

To-do List

▪ Check out this list of companies that are growing 50% year-over-year, before they go IPO.

Having problems getting interviews?

Then upgrade your resume and cover letter.

To-do List

▪ Get inspired with this resume sample from the Kellogg School of Management
▪ Migrate your existing resume to this new resume template
▪ Use this resume bullet format
▪ Get inspired by these action verbs
▪ Ignore the debate on whether hiring managers read cover letters. Use thiscover letter template. It'll make an impression and take you just five minutes.

Trouble getting internal employees to refer you?

Then build you network. The most effective way to network your way to a job is an informational interview.

To-do List

▪ Read this Harvard Business Review article on informational interviews
▪ Build out your targets, using this networking template based on Steve Dalton's 2-Hour Job Search
▪ Save time and get responses by using this 5 Point Informational Interview Template, also from Dalton

No trouble getting interviews, but no offers?

Brush up your interviewing skills. Interviewers love stories. Storytelling works for Pixar, and it'll work at your interview.

To-do List

▪ Brainstorm at least 20 anticipated interview questions.
▪ Put together your interview stories, using the interview stories template.

Collecting offers, but not getting what you're worth?


To-do List

▪ Negotiation can be super easy. Just use these 31+ killer salary negotiation scripts.

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