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[October 2018] Product Manager Job Leads by Lewis Lin

We're into the fall 🍁, which means my half and full-day workshops are underway. Here's a photo from last week's visit to Philadelphia & St. Louis.


Check with your career development office if I'm headed to your school.

For those of you at Columbia and NYU, I'll be headed your way this week. If you're attending my workshop, please do swing by and say hello!

To help you find the perfect PM role, we've created an open source repository to share product manager job leads. Many of these have been sent to us by our recruiting and staffing friends.

To see the full list, or to add positions you'd like to share, go here:

Experienced Hires
Product Manager | AngelList | New York City or San Francisco
Product Manager | Slack | San Francisco
Product Manager | Robinhood | Menlo Park
Sr. Product Manager | Amazon | Seattle

Product Manager | Google | Mountain View
Product Manager | Yelp | San Francisco
Product Manager | Walmart | San Bruno

MBA Intern
Product Manager MBA Intern (Fall)| Zendesk | San Francisco
MBA Intern | T-Mobile | Bellevue
Product Manager MBA Intern | PayPal | San Francisco

APM | Lyft | San Francisco
APM | LinkedIn | Sunnyvale
APM | Oath| Sunnyvale

Undergrad Intern
APM Intern | Yelp | San Francisco
PM Intern | Tableau | Sunnyvale
PM Intern | Cisco Meraki | San Francisco

I've created new estimation questions and answers, and I'm seeking reviewers.
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Wishing you all the best with your interviews,

Lewis C. Lin