4 articles you missed, 1 exclusive invitation and 1 special annoucement from Lewis C. Lin / by Lewis Lin

Welcome to the latest edition of my newsletter. I've got some outstanding news! My new book, PM Interview Questions: Over 160 Problems and Solutions for Product Management Interview Questions, is almost ready for publication and general release.

This is, by far, the most anticipated book I've ever written. Here are some of the emails I've received in the last couple of weeks:

Is there a chance that I can get the book earlier, for a higher price? Will you consider it?

I'm planning to tackle the Facebook product growth manager role. I would like to get an early copy of your book. I am happy to send payment through Paypal or other ways, thank you.

I've got a Google interview coming up in late August. Can I buy an early copy before then?

A select few had a chance to see an early release. Here's what one had to say:

Thanks to this book, I snagged an Amazon Technical Product Manager role at Amazon. You have no idea how grateful I am!

As a special bonus to my readers, to celebrate PM Interview Workbook's imminent release, I'd like to invite you to an exclusive PM Interview Practice group that I created.

Once you're in the group, you can find other PMs who want to: 
* Find practice partners
* Share PM job hunt advice

To get an invite, just enter your email address and follow the signup instructions.

So stay tuned for the book's release. And finally, scroll down for some amazing career-related articles that you don't want to miss.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and stay cool,

Lewis C. Lin

Product Management

Good Product Manager, Bad Product Manager 
The bad PM gives excuses, lacks directions, focuses on competitor features, and doesn’t value discipline. The good PM takes responsibility, leads through example, targets market share, and delivers weekly status reports. 
Which PM do you want to be?

Career Knowledge and / or Interview Prep

2016 Tech Trends to Read Before Your next Job Interview 
If you’re sending Snapchat selfies through Siri, shopping for personalized deals on Amazon, and cruising around in your automated Tesla, congratulations: you represent the future of the Internet. Social media advertising, speech recognition, e-commerce, big data, and the car computing evolution will drive the next wave of growth in tech, according to the KPCB 2016 Internet Trends report. Remember these trends and you’ll be golden when answering that dreaded PM interview question: “Is our industry ripe for disruption?” China alone also represents 37% of total GDP growth in 2015, so don’t forget to learn Mandarin too!


Dead Simple Way to Build Your Marketing Plan 
Dealing with a poor marketing effort? Whether it's a hypothetical question on the interview or on the job, get marketing going again with Jon Westenberg's brainstorming canvas. Organize your thoughts, find your target audience, and introduce your product to people who actually want it. Westenberg, as he puts it, makes it f#?!ing easy.


Which hostage negotiation skills do you use in your everyday life and how? 
The strategy for a successful hostage situation and salary negotiation are pretty much the same: ask for details, make reasonable concessions, and slowly break their morale. Read invaluable negotiation advice from Chris Voss, a former FBI hostage negotiator.