Graduation Day Edition — plus 1 FREE event, 3 new courses, 9 killer articles / by Lewis Lin

Welcome to the latest edition of my offbeat career newsletter!

Graduation Day is just around the corner for millions of folks around the world. I've carefully picked 9 AMAZING product management, marketing and negotiation articles below, focused on those who are about to enter or reenter the workforce.

I'm also excited to announce the release of three new interview prep courses, now available on Interview Steps:

▪ How to Ace the Uber Interview
▪ How to Ace the Facebook Product Manager Interview
▪ Technical Concepts For Non-Technical Product Management & Marketing Candidates


Let's go...


Lewis C. Lin

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Hiring Your First Product Manager 
Are you angling to be the first product manager hire at a startup? Understand what CEOs are looking for in their first product manager hire.

What Really Matters: Focusing on Top Tasks 
If the key to stellar product design is process, then read this thoughtful article from Gerry McGovern on how to apply his innovative process to prioritizing product backlogs.

Product Management Trends 2015 
Based on a survey of 100+ product managers, this PDF offers insights on the day-in-the-life and top challenges for PMs in 2015.

The Many Ways of Growing Coffee 
Launching a new product? Kellogg professor, Eric Anderson, offers a handy three question checklist AND a brilliant analysis on how Keurig used its marketing prowess to increase the price of coffee makers from $35 to $90.

Inside the Advertising Industry: A Reading List 
Looking for some good marketing reads this Memorial Day weekend? Longreads recommends their six favorite long form articles on the advertising industry ranging from the creepiness of the Burger King king to Feminist Super Bowl Ads to an examination of Gap's "Dress Normal" ad.

Build Your Email List 
Looking to improve your email marketing skills? Campaign Monitor offers an excellent 6 chapter guide filled with tips and tactical best practices.

Negotiating Salary at a Startup Versus a Corporation 
Startup pay packages might not be great, but if you get creative, it might pay off.

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