Can't meet me in Seattle? / by Lewis Lin


Football season is back! And that's a good reminder to tackle our career challenges head-on. To kick things off, I've got two online webinars to help you get some career momentum.

TomorrowSeptember 9 
How to Stand Out at the Brand and Marketing Management Interview - FREE

Wednesday, September 10 
How to Ace the Product Management Interview - $10, Kellogg Alumni Only

For those of you who prefer meeting me in-person, I'll be speaking in Seattle at the Product Management Consortium later this month.

Thursday, September 18 
Decode and Conquer: Preparing for the Product Management Interview- $25

As always, you'll find my favorite reads for product management, marketing and negotiations below.

Crush and Conquer those Interviews,

Lewis C. Lin

12 things product managers should do in their first 30 days at a new company 
Ever get that dreaded interview question, "What will you do in your first 30 days as a new PM?" Former Google PM, Ken Norton, tells you exactly what you need to say and do.

Google: 6 Reasons Why Nobody Uses Your App 
Google's UX researcher, Tomer Sharon, explains why nobody is using your smartphone app.

3 Reasons Better Products Don't Always Win 
Maybe marketing matters after all.

A Brief Rant of the Future of Interaction Design 
Bret Victor shares his fresh approach to thinking about interaction design. And he argues why the iPhone swipe gesture doesn't make sense.

This Mobile Microwave Will Make You Want To Eat More TV Dinners 
How would you redesign the microwave? One designer rethinks this legendary 1940s invention.

How Facebook Sold You Krill Oil 
Even skeptical big brand marketers have to admit that Facebook may have more marketing potential that they first realized.

Toyota Sees 45% Boost in Traffic Through Targeted Mobile Ads 
Want to target your competitor's customers? Try this tactic from Toyota's playbook.

Johnny Manziel Gyrates From Hunger in Latest Snickers Ad 
Capitalizing on Johnny Manziel's popularity, Snickers cleverly reinforces their value proposition in this humorous and timely ad.

How to Run Your Marketing Team Like a Startup 
Hubspot, the leaders in content marketing, shares a novel approach to get things done.

How to Negotiate with Someone More Powerful than You 
Six tips and two case studies on how to negotiate with someone with more power. And the best line: “Negotiating is a little like dating. If you are too interested, you lose power. But if you can remain calmly interested but still detached, that creates power.”

Why Women Don’t Negotiate Their Job Offers 
In a negotiation, either as a man or woman, in addition to explaining why a proposal is good for you, it helps to explain why the proposal is important for them.

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