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4 Things We Learned From This Rare Interview With Apple Design God Jonathan Ive 
We find out what Ive really thinks about copycat products and the one thing you need to do to innovate great products.

Google Just Turned Gmail Into Pinterest 
Story of how Google’s talented designers turned unlovable spam into a visually engaging display.

Redesigning IMDB 
View one talented designer’s perspective on how he would redesign the Internet Movie Database.

The Fifth Protocol 
I found this to be the most compelling vision to date on how Bitcoin technology can be applied. And it has nothing to do with buying illicit material.

Can You See the Opportunity Right in Front of You? 
Do you struggle with product innovation -- either on the job or at the interview? Your solution might be closer than you think.

The Best PR Advice You’ve Never Heard 
Caryn Mooney, head of technology communication for Facebook and co-founder of OutCast PR, reveals her "RIBS" PR communication framework that will get journalists excited about giving your company free press.

How to Optimize Your Email Campaigns 
This article provides a helpful six step checklist for optimizing your email campaigns.

What It's Really Like To Name Products For A Living 
How does a marketer come up with a catchy product or company name like Google, Swiffer, or Kindle? Professional namer, Nancy Friedman, offers more than ten tips on how to pick a name like the pros.

In 9 Of 10 Industries Search Tops Lead Generation, Social Shortens Marketing Cycles 
Attribution modeling: do you think search advertising is unfairly taking credit for sales conversions? Bizible’s research on 480,000 sales leads will surprise you.

Poland Tourism Advertisement 
Advertising Hall of Shame: did Poland’s tourism board create a compelling value proposition with this campaign?

April 14, 2014 @ Berkeley, CA 
Product Management – How to Conquer the Interview, Haas School of Business at University of California Berkeley

April 15, 2014 @ Palo Alto, CA 
How to Get a Product Manager Job, Featuring Lewis C. Lin, Bestselling Author of Decode and Conquer , Stanford University

April 21, 2014 @ Seattle, WA 
An Evening with Lewis C. Lin, Author of Rise Above the Noise at Foster School of Business at University of Washington. Registration link: http://bit.ly/1hi6RP7

April 24, 2014 @ Online 
Careers in Product Management, hosted by Evisors.com. Registration link:http://bit.ly/1oTIcW9

May 16, 2014 @ Online 
How to Get Hired as a Product Manager, hosted by collegefeed. Registration link:http://www.collegefeed.com/networking

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