Now Available: Lewis C. Lin's Latest Book, Rise Above the Noise / by Lewis Lin


I'm excited to announce my latest book, Rise Above the Noise, is now available on Amazon!

If you're a marketing professional who's getting ready for an upcoming interview, Rise Above the Noise, will help you ace the interview and get the offer.

The book covers tips, advice, frameworks and sample answers to the most common and toughest marketing interview questions including: 

  • What promotional strategies would you use for a Honey Nut Cheerios campaign? 
  • Develop a social good campaign for Teavana. 
  • Should Hidden Valley increase the price of its ranch dressing? 
  • Kit Kat sales declined year-over-year. Why is that, and what would you do to address it? 
  • Tell me about a terrible product that's marketed well.

Thanks for your support, and feel free to forward this email to others in your circle.

May your career rise above the noise,

Lewis C. Lin