10 product management and marketing articles to read before the summer / by Lewis Lin


I picked 10 awesome reads on marketing and product management, in case you missed them. Summer kicks off in about two weeks, but these articles can't wait to be part of your summer reading list.

May you Rise Above the Noise,

Lewis C. Lin

Top 10 Posts on Product Management from the Industry's Best 
Indispensable advice on how to be an amazing PM from Marc Andressen, Ev Williams, Ben Horowitz and Steven Sinofsky.

A Personal Reflection On Google+ 
Rare inside story on the dysfunctional decision making and cultural values that led to Google's failed social networking site, Google+.

The Inputs to a Great Product Roadmap 
An incredible how to guide on building a product road map.

This Mind-Blowing Prototype Shows How Crazy Smartphones Could Look In The Future 
Product vision starts with product inspiration, and this smartphone prototype could be Xerox PARC for the next Steve Jobs.

So you want to manage a product? 
A nostalgic, thoughtful and humorous look at what it means to be a product manager. Ideal reading for aspiring PMs.

Jessica Livingston: Why Startups Need to Focus on Sales, Not Marketing 
Livingston, a start-up expert, emphasizes why it's important for early companies to focus on sales.

How to Model Viral Growth: The Hybrid Model 
Feeling quantitative? Rahul Vohra of LinkedIn shows how you can model viral growth in your business.

Why Content Marketing Fails 
Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to drive word-of-mouth marketing. But most marketers fail to do it well. Rand Fishkin explains why in his thoughtful 86 page PowerPoint deck.

The 10 Best Online Ads Of The Last 12 Months 
Looking for inspiration for your next online advertising campaign? Business Insider features the top 10 online ads from the last 12 months.

#BrandFailures Are Epidemic on Twitter, So Stop With the Q&As 
Ad Age offers several good case studies on how not to engage with social media users.

Photo credit: Thomas Leuthard