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Lewis C. Lin's Slack Community by Lewis Lin

It's been almost three years since we launched the Slack community. 

I'm very proud to see all the PM mock interviews completed, connections made, and most importantly, PM offers won!

Here's what some participants have said about the PM interview community:

  • This community and Lewis Lin is the best. Just heard back from Uber, it’s a yes! 🙏  I had interviewed there twice before over the years, but it wasn’t until I encountered Lewis, his materials, and this community that I was finally able to crack it.

  • Hi Lewis, I wanted to say thanks for putting together the books and community for PM prep. It’s been extremely helpful to me and many others.

  • You’ve created a super awesome community, especially the Slack channel. It is the best Slack channel out there! Thanks for all your contributions to the PM community!

  • Thanks a lot @lewislin for publishing the books and creating this community. This helped me get an offer.

  • Your book, Decode & Conquer, has been immensely helpful for me understanding "product speak", since my professional background is actually in Sales & Marketing. I hope you're having a great Labor Day weekend! I'm spending most of my time off practicing for my Facebook rPM interview in about two weeks. Thank you for creating an amazing community on Slack as well to practice mock interviewing!

  • Hi Lewis. Firstly I want to thank you for creating such an awesome platform for learning for product manager community. While browsing the content of your books on Amazon i was really amazed and really became your die heart fan. It is such awesome content. For people like me who were struggling to find the right content and direction in this domain you have given us a clear direction. Thanks a lot!

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