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2017 Product Manager Interview Challenge by Lewis Lin


Happy New Year! To help you achieve your dream product manager (PM) job, I'm kicking off the 2017 PM Interview Challenge! Read on for more details; hope to see you on our leader board!


I've been coaching PM candidates for almost 10 years now, and there's a high correlation between the number of practice interviews and successful outcomes. There's no better example than one courageous client who completed a whopping 102 practice interviews during the fall of 2016; it shouldn't be a surprise that he snagged a Google PM job offer!

Here's How to Compete in the Challenge

Schedule mock interviews via my product manager interview practice group. When you complete one of the milestones below, email me at 

  • Bronze: 25+ mock interviews completed
  • Silver: 50+ mock interviews completed
  • Gold: 75+ mock interviews completed
  • Platinum: 100+ mock interviews completed

Indicate the number of mock interviews you've completed in your email, and I'll add you to the leader board below. And remember, this is for your benefit, so no cheating!

Product Manager Interview Leader board for 2017








Aadi Deshmukh: 28

Dorothy Barger: 26

Anthony Basler: 25

Siddharth Kapur: 25

Klara Liu: 25

Almost there

Avni Khanna: 21

Ahana Chaudry: 19

Sana Dutta: 12

Fiona Hodges: 7

Prateek Mittal: 6

Theo Huang: 5

Mira Gupta: 3