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What is the AARM Method™? by Lewis Lin


Sometimes referred to as AARM Metrics™, the AARM Method™ is an analytical framework that defines the metrics for a product. This four letter acronym refers to acquisition, activation, retention, and monetization:

  • Acquisition: Tracking customer signups for a service. The bar for signing up for a service has gotten lower and lower, thanks to the popularity of free signup and pay later “freemium” models. The typical acquisition metric to track is lazy registrations or app downloads.
  • Activation: Getting users that have completed a lazy registration to register fully. For a social networking site like Google+, this may include uploading a photo or completing their profile page.
  • Retention: Getting users to use the service often and behave in a way that helps the user or business. Key metrics include adding more information to their profile page, checking the news feed frequently or inviting friends to try the service.
  • Monetization: Collecting revenue from users. It could include the number of people who are paying for the service or the average revenue per user (ARPU).

For more information and examples on how to use the AARM Method™ refer to Lewis C. Lin's book: Decode and Conquer.

More Kudos for PM Interview Questions & Decode and Conquer by Lewis Lin

Woo hoo! Great news from one of my half-day workshop attendees! They landed an Amazon PM internship! Read their full comments here:

I'm a first year MBA student at [West Coast University] and we met when you were on campus at the end of last year for a Product Management workshop. I got my Decode and Conquer copy signed by you after the session. I wanted to inform you that both Decode & Conquer and 150 PM Interview Questions books helped me immensely in my preparation for PM interviews, particularly since I was trying to transition from a Consulting background. I have successfully landed the Sr.PM internship role with Amazon for this Summer, and it was my target company. I would like to thank you for the content you've provided and material covered in your books! Hands down the best questions I've come across in my preparation. Thank you again, and good luck with your future work. :)

Screenshot: LinkedIn

Screenshot: LinkedIn