Getting Started: Better Freelancers Slack Group / by Lewis Lin

Introduction: Our Mission

Welcome to the Better Freelancers Slack group! Our mission is to request and share freelancers from different sites including Fiverr & UpWork. To get you started, here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

Getting Oriented: What type of freelancers can I request or share?

We have 9 default channels:

  1. #admin-support: Request and share admin support professionals

  2. #customer-service: Request and share customer service professionals

  3. #data-sci-n-analytics: Request and share data science & analytics experts

  4. #digital-marketing: Request and share marketing help

  5. #graphic-n-design: Request and share designers

  6. #music-n-audio: Request and share music and audio experts

  7. #programming-n-tech: Request and share programmers

  8. #video-n-animation: Request and share video and animation experts

  9. #writing-n-translation: Request and share writers and translators


There are two more default channels:

  • #announcements: Reserved for group-wide announcements from the admins

  • #misc: Any discussion that doesn’t fit into the other channels


  • Introduce yourself In the #misc channel including your name and why you joined.

  • (Optional) Share your favorite freelancer from Fiverr, UpWork, etc. in your intro.

How to Request Recommendations

“Anyone have a recommendation for ___?” is a good way to start. 😊

To get the most relevant recommendations possible, I’d recommend that you be as specific as you can.

  • Not helpful: “Can anyone recommend a designer?”

  • Helpful: “Can anyone recommend a designer who excels at removing backgrounds from photos, using Adobe Photoshop?”

How to Share Recommendations

Simply reply to someone’s request. Provide contact information AND be specific!

How to invite others to the group

Just share the instructions detailed in this post.