Preparing for the Product Management Interview: Can It Be Done? / by Lewis Lin

I remember my first PM interview a long time ago.

It happened during my on-site Microsoft interview for a software engineering role; the recruiters decided that they would have me interview for PM because I had strong communication skills. I had no idea what PM was all about! But I figured I’d play along, do what I was asked, and take this PM interview. Besides, they gave me a nice compliment. I had to reciprocate!

I still remember that first PM interview question: “How would you design a TV remote?” It was tough to answer because I had never used a remote before in my life!

I’ve come a long way since then: I have lots of experience using TV remotes now.

PM interview prep has come a long way as well. Our collective knowledge on how to prepare for those interviews have improved dramatically. We’ve got frameworks likes CIRCLES, AARM and DIGS to get us through tough product design, analytics, and behavioral interview questions.

To provide some encouragement, I’ve included this note I received from one of my readers. She successfully received offers from Google, Facebook and more last fall. And the cool part: she’s a busy mom too.

Conquer those interviews,

Lewis C. Lin