The Marketing Interview by Lewis C. Lin: eBook, Kindle or PDF Available? / by Lewis Lin

The Marketing Interview: eBook is Available

Is The Marketing Interview available in electronic book (eBook) format?

The answer is absolutely! You can get the eBook for The Marketing Interview here.


While we're at it, here are the links to eBook versions of my other books, not available on Kindle:

Here's What People Say about The Marketing Interview

For aspiring marketers, Lewis Lin's The Marketing Interview provides a solid grounding, with concrete examples and exercises, on how to stand out during a marketing interview and land that job of your dreams. — Luanne Calvert, Former Chief Marketing Officer, VIRGIN AMERICA

There’s so much confusion on how to succeed at the marketing interview, especially tough case questions. The Marketing Interview examines the most common and challenging interview questions including developing marketing plans, launching new products and dealing with private label competition. — Philipp von Holtzendorff-Fehling, Former Vice President Marketing, T-MOBILE USA

Lewis Lin presents both classic and new marketing cases, along with right and wrong approaches, to sharpen your interview impact. Useful for new graduates and mid-career professionals, The Marketing Interview contains marketing analogs and role plays to help you elevate yourself above other candidates. —Dan Frechtling, Former Vice President, MATTEL

I have interviewed countless candidates for marketing roles, and I wish more of them could attack problems this smartly. Follow the step-by-step guidance in this book, and you will set yourself apart from other candidates and succeed in your marketing interviews. — Scott Shrum, Former Brand Manager, S.C. JOHNSON & SON