How Many People Should Interview a Candidate? / by Lewis Lin

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As a hiring manager, you may be wary about hiring a new candidate. Here are the concerns that may run through your head:

  • Is the candidate a strong performer?
  • Will they hit the ground running?
  • Will they fit with our corporate culture?

As a result of these concerns, many companies have resorted to subjecting candidates to an endless number of interviews.

Google has been one of the most notorious. They were known for subjecting a single candidate to up to 25 interviews.

Interviewing a single candidate 25 times is an inefficient process for everyone involved. Also, it can lead to candidate dissatisfaction, hurting the company’s employer brand.

Thanks to new research from Googlethey’ve found the ideal number of times to interview a candidate: four:

Rule of Four: four interviews was enough to predict whether or not we should hire someone with 86 percent confidence. Each additional int would only increase confidence by 1 percent.

By doing so, Google was able to reduce their time to hire from 135 days in the past to 47 days.