Book Publishing: How It's Been Impacted by the Digital Age / by Lewis Lin

A reader asked me, what's been the biggest shift in publishing since the digital age began? Now that I've published eight books, publishing is a topic I definitely have my two cents on. So here we go:

Publishing in the Digital Age: The Top 7 Impacts

  1. Self-publishing. Createspace has made it super easy for new authors to write a print book.
  2. Distribution. Authors no longer have to beg Barnes and Noble to carry their books.
  3. Editing. The digital age has placed a premium on timely information, and editing is often sacrificed to publish books quickly.
  4. Niche content. Thanks to changes in 1 and 2, the number of niche titles has flourished.
  5. Author marketing. Partly due to self-publishing and partly due to social media, the burden and efficacy of marketing now falls more on the author than the publisher. Authors can engage readers through social media, email marketing, and upcoming tools like Evan Jacobs's Bonus points if the author is a social media celebrity like Kim Kardashian.
  6. eBooks. Popularity of eBooks has absolutely changed the game. From a readers' perspective, the benefits of eBooks include: lower price point, instant delivery, and easy portability. For a vacation, it's a lot easier to carry 40 books on a Amazon Kindle than it is in paper form.

Photo credit: Brenda Starr