How to Get a $10,000+ Salary Increase with a Email Script / by Lewis Lin


Since I released my book Five Minutes to a Higher Salary last year, I've gotten emails from my readers on how they've used my book's 60+ killer salary negotiation scripts (email and phone) to help them get more money.

One reader successfully negotiated a 10% increase for his six-figure salary, and I received his permission to share his negotiation lessons learned here.

Good luck with your negotiation,

Lewis C. Lin


I read your book, Five Minutes to a Higher Salary, the night before I was waiting for the offer from [Fortune 500 company]. I did manage to get the original offer increased by 10% and I will be joining next Monday.

Here are my takeaways from the book and other readings:

1. It's definitely best to not disclose your current salary and expected salary. It has no upside for you as a candidate. The only upsides are for hiring managers and recruiters who now know your min and max limits.

- In my case, I had mentioned my current base, but thankfully, did not mention the expectation.

2. Do ask for a raise. Worst case, you will get a No. Best case, you will get one. Most people do not counter.

- I did, and got one.

3. Do not react to the informal offers from the recruiters via phone or email. Wait for the formal letter before doing your due diligence and responding on your own time.

- I was intent on not reacting on phone, and mentioned that I would like to wait for the formal letter. The recruiter insisted twice and I unfortunately gave in and mentioned about expecting a higher base. Sure enough, he triggered a revision of the offer on his own and I never actually got a chance to "formally" counter the offer. I feel I could have gotten a better revision if I had the chance to do it my way...No wonder the recruiter moved quickly! :-)

4. Do not wait until the night before the offer to get up to speed on how to negotiate offers!

- Customer, Five Minutes to a Higher Salary

Photo credit: Ulisse Albiati, Lewis C. Lin