The 5 Steps to Finding Top Hires / by Lewis Lin


Do you have a dedicated hiring team evaluating tens or hundreds of applicants a month? In 2016, there is a better way of dealing with the demand on hiring managers and admissions teams to evaluate more applicants effectively.

Many organizations are moving to video recorded solutions. They provide the tools necessary to keep up with demand and reach as wide an audience as possible while giving every candidate their own interview.

Here are our 5 steps to better hiring

  1. Create application questionnaire online and fill out questions for candidates to answer.
  2. Candidates receive and submit responses. Either through email, or built into your application, send every candidate a questionnaire automatically.
  3. Hiring team evaluates, takes notes, and shares the best submissions. With built-in tools other team members can review without having to schedule at the same time as everyone else.
  4. Contact best candidates. Information on every candidate, including LinkedIn account and email are provided directly through our system.
  5. Follow up with top interviewees & make hiring decision. Meet the top candidates in person and finalize your hiring decision.

We decided to compare phone screening with video on-demand reviews, below is a breakdown of the differences:

Advantages: Video Recorded Interviewing

+ Reviewable on-demand
+ No scheduling conflicts
+ Access from anywhere
+ You set the time limits
+ Avg. 4–8 minute review
+ Share with recruiting team

Advantages: Phone Screens

- Non-reviewable
- Scheduling conflicts
- Calls from office (can be offsite)
- Long duration (average 30 minute call)
- No sharing capability