The 20 Best Websites to Post Jobs For Free / by Lewis Lin

Here’s our secret list of 20 free job boards

There’s nothing more frustrating than having trouble filling a candidate pipeline. With this list, your friends will come to you for leads and referrals. For each site we determined what’s free, what’s not, and our final verdict. Rely on LinkedIn InMails no more!

What’s Free: Job postings are free, if you don’t ‘sponsor’ them with ads.

What’s Not: Sponsored ads are charged per click ($0.25 — $1.50). Also has $1.00 charge per contact when you message a candidate through Indeed.

Verdict: It is recommended to sponsor a listing with at least $5/day for jobs with high volume; however, as long as you don’t pay for ads or start resume hunting, Indeed is 100% free.


What’s Free: First three job postings during the 4 day trial, but you must enter in your credit card information.

What’s Not: If you have not deactivated your job postings before the end of your trial, you will be subscribed to the $249/month Starter plan (3 active listings).

Verdict: ZipRecruiter does connect you to hundreds of job boards, but be sure to cancel your subscription or you may wake up with a dent in your wallet.


What’s Free: 15 day trial to post one job listing on top job boards.

What’s Not: At the end of the trial, you will be given the option to continue with a paid service of $39/month (1 active listing).

Verdict: You can only post one job but the service is simple, fast, and easy with no hidden costs or fees.


What’s Free: Job listings and direct advertisement of open positions to known email addresses and social media accounts.

What’s Not: Limit of 200 job advertisements per day can be expanded to 5000 candidates with $79/month Growth option.

Verdict: Useful for recruiting professionals who have built a vast network of referrals and job candidates.


What’s Free: Job postings and resume views for employers.

What’s Not: Batch and bulk import of job listings do have a charge determined on a case-by-case basis.

Verdict: Site revenue is generated through advertising so there are no fees whatsoever. The job requirements can also be filled out on one page with as many details as you need.


What’s Free: 10 resume views and unlimited job listings.

What’s Not: Resume contact information, and sharing of logins can only be accessed through the $89/month Pro Plan.

Verdict: Great site for free job postings, with limited candidate searches.


What’s Free: Free job postings for validated employers.

What’s Not: Requires posters to have a registered domain for at least 6 months and also meet SEO requirements.

Verdict: New employers may not be able to register, but established businesses can benefit from this site. Also provides $1500/year RecruiterSuite package that includes job sourcing from assigned Talent Specialists.


What’s Free: Up to five active job postings.

What’s Not: Resume views are not allowed with the free option. Platinum package provides unlimited job postings and 2,500 resumes views.

Verdict: Limited job postings without access to a resume database.


What’s Free: Postings to multiple free job boards.

What’s Not: ‘Advertised’ packages to premium job sites like LinkedIn or Team/Corporate plans at $3500/year offers a personal career page, analytics, and staffing agency management.

Verdict: Jobs can be picked up by multiple job search aggregators, but avoid upgrades or advertising.

Other Free Job Board Sites

Post Job Free (Free)

Free job listings that only requires email confirmation. Can also view resume contact information with premium subscription.

Need Job Soon (Free)

Free job board that allows jobseekers to contact employers without registration. Requires maximum of 48 hours for listings to get approved.

Craigslist (Free, By Region)

Provides free job postings to some regions in the United States. As of December 2015, Craigslist charges for job ads in these cities/areas.

Trovit (Free)

Online classified ads site for real estate and vehicles that also lets you post job listings for free. (Free)

Online classifieds section provides job listings for free, but also requires Facebook login information to post.

Jobbossit (Trial)

6 day free trial for unlimited job postings and resume views. Can purchase access to resume database and job postings separately.

JobShouts (Trial)

30 day free trial to list one job posting. Purchased job postings are listed for 30 days and can be used within a certain time period.

Employment Crossing (Trial)

3 day free trial for unlimited job postings and resume views, after providing credit card information.

Social Media (Twitter, Facebook)

Personal contacts can provide you with quality applicants and referrals.

University/Alumni Job Networks

Support your local university and/or alma mater by posting jobs on recent graduate career pages.

Are there any free job boards that we missed or you'd like to add? Tell us in the comments!