Salary Negotiation Expert / by Lewis Lin


Have an upcoming salary negotiation?

Use our negotiation service.

The easiest way to get better job offers. Guaranteed.

Negotiation is Painful

That's why we reinvented it. We believe in getting what you deserve without stress and anxiety. So we've created a service where we do all the work for you!

 If you've ever wanted to tell the recruiter, "Talk to my agent." Hire us. Just like Hollywood's power negotiators, we'll take care of the details while getting you more.

Just Follow the Script

How do we do this? If you're negotiating via email, we'll craft customized negotiation phrases that you can cut-and-paste. And when you get the response, we'll repeat the process until you get the salary you deserve. No need to worry about how negotiation works, what to say, or whether you're leaving money on the table. Leave that to us.

If you're negotiating via phone, our customized negotiation scripts will also pay off. You'll know the exact words to open the negotiation and be prepared to counter their tactics.


Our salary negotiation experts are just that: experts. We are so confident in our service that if we do not get you at least a $1000 increase in your job offer, we'll refund your money. That's no risk to you!

About Our Chief Salary Negotiator

LEWIS C. LIN is the Chief Negotiator of salaryBoost.

Formally trained in negotiations at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, Lewis is responsible for providing his formal negotiation expertise and training to every client engagement. He’s known for negotiating a 75% salary increase in his last corporate role.

He authored the bestselling salary negotiation book, Five Minutes to a Higher Salary.

His favorite negotiation tip: know what you’re worth. If you don’t know your value, you’ll never know if you’ve asked for too little or pushed for too much.

In his free time, Lewis plays tennis, enjoys board games, and loves speaking in front of audiences, including his latest negotiation talk at Ignite Seattle, Negotiate Like an Angry Bride.

Here's What Others Say About Lewis

With one email and your four magic words, you got me additional stock worth $7,000. - O.C.

I got a raise! Lewis' insights and perspective were eye-opening. I could not have gotten this increase without his negotiation scripts and experienced advice. I highly recommend Lewis for your next job offer. You will regret it if you don't. - R.O.

I got a 100X ROI working with Lewis. Needless to say, best career investment ever. Not even the best IPO could get you that return. - D.F.

Lewis had fantastic insight into negotiation dynamics. I achieved a win-win situation with my salary compensation. - M.C.

Following your script, I got a raise on my base and more on-hire stock grants. What a experience! Thank you so much Lewis.  - S.W.

Fees for Our Salary Negotiation Service

Frequently Asked Questions about the Salary Negotiation Service

How long will this process take?

The length of the process depends largely on the speed of your employer. While we can gather your information and create the initial negotiation script in a couple of days, the length that your employer returns a counteroffer may create delays in the process.

Can you negotiate benefits other than the salary?

Yes. We can negotiate for any benefits that are a part of your compensation package. This includes bonuses, vacation time, and stock options. 

Do you negotiate raises in current jobs as well?

Absolutely! Many of the same principles of a salary negotiation at an initial job offering also apply to raise reviews. Just tell us your situation and we can customize the analysis and script for you.

I don't know my market value. Can you still help me?

Of course! You just need to fill out a questionnaire and answer some follow up questions about yourself. Then we'll do the research to ensure that you're getting a fair deal.

Can you tell me more about your guarantee?

The offer applies only for salaries $50,000 and above, so no hourly work either. The $1000 increase applies to either annual base salary or a signing bonus. You can send refund submissions with a copy of your original offer letter along with your first pay stub. If we have clear evidence that your pay has not increased, we will send you a refund check within 60-90 days. Altered offer letters, pay stubs, and other documentation will be refused.

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