4 Reasons Why You Should Negotiate your salary / by Lewis Lin

This guest post from Christine Ko, my co-author for our latest salary negotiation book, Five Minutes to a Higher Salary.

Everyone has heard a child whine "do I really need to?" about an unappealing task. But just like he needs to go to school and eat his vegetables, you really do need to negotiate your salary. Here are some pretty convincing reasons why.

You’ll make more money

The main reason you should negotiate your salary is obvious – to increase it. The company isn’t going to fight on your behalf, so it is up to you to ask for what you want. Companies usually put a little wiggle room in the salaries that they offer as well, so you don’t have to assume that the salary is fixed.

A little extra: Don’t sound demanding or entitled, even if you really do believe you deserve a certain compensation package. Being polite and professional will help you get there.

And in case you still need more reasons...

You’ll earn your recruiter’s respect

Negotiating your salary can impress your recruiter, especially if done professionally and effectively. They want to know how competent and confident you are, so showcasing your achievements as reasons for a raise is an excellent tactic to impress your recruiter.

A little extra: Make sure your reasons are relevant and true. A fake accomplishment can jeopardize your job offer.

You’ll fall behind in wages if you don’t

Once you get your first salary in a company, all future raises will be based on the initial one. That is why it is important to earn a fair salary from the very beginning. Even if everyone in your team gets a 5% raise, you’ll still be underpaid if you were underpaid from the start.

A little extra: On the other hand, if you negotiate for a fair initial salary, you’ll start riding the upward spiral, where a good salary in the beginning leads to bigger and better ones down the road.

You’ll feel more valued in the company

Being underpaid is not a motivating influence. In fact, in the long run, you’ll feel underappreciated and feel resentment toward your company. You and your employer both want you to feel satisfied with the company, and a fair salary is one way to make sure you want to stay.

A little extra: Of course, being paid a fair salary means you have to show that you deserve it. That means no slacking off! You told your recruiter you deserve more, so make sure that they don’t regret it. It could hurt your chances later on.

Photo credit: Bhaskar Peddhapati