Salary Negotiation Script: Signing Bonus / by Lewis Lin

Here's a salary negotiation script to negotiate for a signing bonus.

Dear Mr. Recruiter,

Thank you for offering me the Assistant Sales Director position. I would like to express again how excited I am to begin working for your company.

Before I can accept, I would like to discuss the matter of compensation. I am happy with the salary and I think that it is in line with my market value. However, I would be leaving my current job for this one, and I would lose out on my year-end bonus. In particular, I would be leaving a $10,000 annual bonus. To make the transition easier, I would like to request a signing bonus of $6,000 to partly bridge the gap in pay.

I can certainly see a future for myself at the company, and Iā€™m confident that I can bring a lot of value. I know that we can come to a mutual agreement on an acceptable compensation package.

Thank you,

Potential Hire