Salary Negotiation Script: Flexible Work Hours / by Lewis Lin

Here's a salary negotiation script you can use to negotiate for flexible work hours.

Dear Mr. Recruiter,

Thank you for offering me the Director of Human Resources position. I’m excited about the position and I’m confident that I can bring a lot of value to Company Z.

Before I can accept the offer, I would like to discuss compensation with you. I think  that the salary is fair and in line with the market value of this position, but I would like to discuss some possible changes in the benefits.

As you are well aware, I was the Director of Human Resources for four years at my previous company. In that time I have made valuable changes for them and saved them thousands of dollars through my innovative processes. Because of my qualifications, I believe that my value added to the company is more than the average Director of Human Resources.

While I am happy with the base salary, I am hesitant to accept the offer because of the increased commute to the office from my home. Taking this new job will increase my daily drive by an hour. To save time, I would like to request a day every week to work from home instead of at the office. I can perform my job adequately at home while saving time and gas on my commute. This arrangement will also not cost the company any more money. Of course, we can discuss which day would be most convenient for everybody. I’m confident that we can come to a mutual agreement.

Thank you,

Potential Hire