Salary Negotiation Script: Cost of Living Adjustment / by Lewis Lin

Here's a salary negotiation script to negotiate for a cost of living adjustment.

Dear Mr. Boss,

I’m excited to relocate to New York and join a new team within the company. I see this new location as an enriching learning opportunity. I’m confident that I will be a new valuable team member in New York City.

However, New York has a much higher cost of living than Dallas, and I have not seen any sign that my compensation will change for relocating. According to the XYZ Cost of Living database, New York will have a 10% higher cost of living.

In order to maintain my current standard of living, my salary will have to increase to $88,000 from $80,000.  I will also have to incur additional expenses for selling my home and finding a new one in New York.

Therefore I would like to kindly ask you to consider a salary adjustment to account for the difference in the cost of living and to cover other relocation expenses. Specifically, I would like to request an 8% increase in my salary and a $10,500 additional bonus for relocation expenses. I understand if this is not possible, but I hope that we can come to an agreement.

Thank you,