Salary Negotiation Script: Better Job Title / by Lewis Lin

Here's a salary negotiation script to negotiate for a better job title.

Dear Mr. Recruiter,

Thank you for offering me the Account Manager position. I’m very excited to begin working at Company Z.

Before I can accept, I would like to discuss my title in the company. As I was researching the company and its organizational structure, I noticed that there are no managers above me, but I would be responsible for managers below me. Since I will be the top manager for the larger accounts, I would like to request that my position be renamed from “Account Manager” to “Senior Account Manager.” I am not requesting any salary increases or other benefits, so this change will not cost the company any more money.

I’m confident that I can bring value to the company, and the new title will help me advance in my professional career.

Thank you,

Potential Hire